Eat All You Wish and Still Stay Healthy

Who says you must deprive yourself of all the sinfully high calorie to stay fit? You can enjoy your favorite without gaining those extra calories. For all the sweet lovers, restrict yourself to just two of your indulgent sweets each week and keep an eye on the size of the portions/serves/scoops. For those who love to dine out, just exercise strict portion control while satiating those taste buds.

The Alcohol lovers who are trying to lose the extra fat, cut down on your weekly alcohol consumption by 1/4th your original quantity and stay away from the beer. Treat yourself to some two or three tasting squares of healthy dark chocolate every day

Things you must know about Granola

Looking to change up your breakfast routine and want to go all healthy? Adding granola at the top of your list might be the way to go.

Ever since it got noticed for its health benefits, Granola has become one of the most breakfast foods around the world and for some good reasons. Granola not only contains whole-grain oats chock-full of fiber, it’s also flat-out delicious for breakfast or any time of day as a snack. Having said that here are several things you should know about granola.

  • Granola is Fiber-Filled
  • Granola Hosts Healthy Fats
  • Granola is Chock-Full of Vitamins
  • Granola Harbors Healthy Minerals
  • It’s Easy to DIY Granola
  • Granola Can Contain a Lot of Hidden Sugar